Basque Stream was founded in 2012 with the aim of innovating in the distribution of multimedia solutions.
During its more than 20 years of experience in the audiovisual sector, the company has managed to commercialize several television programs in the USA, Japan, India, and Turkey, among others. It works with various genres from formats to animation, including documentaries.

DIPC – Donostia International Physics Center an international center dedicated to basic research in physics of condensed matter and located in San Sebastián (Spain).

Salvador Rodríguez, executive producer of G-ambassadors and CEO of Basquestream is  a member of the Academia de la Televisión Española, and has also been executive producer of tv programs for Spanish broadcast channels such as RTVE, Telecinco,  Antena 3,  Cuatro, Euskal Telebista. Some of his productions are household names:  Vaya Semanita, Goenkale, El Manager, 64, and Hemingway y los vascos. His portfolio includes many other works, for instance the ethnographic documentary Eguzkilore and the educational tv program Ikusgela.

Fernando Díez Varela, co-director and co-scriptwriter of G-ambassadors, is a prestigious media professional whose career spans more than 25 years. He has been executive producer of five commercial motion pictures, among which three stand out: Vestido de novia (selected candidate for the Spanish Goya award to the best South American movie), Los Tontos y los Estúpidos (showed in the international Donostia Film Festival) and Ander (showed in the Berlinale). He has also produced a large number of short films, as well as two educational tv programs, Educatete and Bit Vocabulary, for which he also acted as director.
His work so far has scored more than thirty international awards.

Ruth Lazkoz, co-director and co-scriptwriter of G-ambassadors, is a lecturer in Theoretical Physics at the University of the Basque Country. Her known work on cosmology ranges from observational constraints to dynamical systems applications. She is the current President of the Sociedad Española de Gravitación y Relatividad, and she was its founding Secretary as well. She serves as chair to the CANTATA CA15117 COST Action, an EU H2020 network with researchers from more than 25 (mainly European) countries.

Gonzalo Olmo, casting director of G-ambassadors,  is a tenure track research scientist in Theoretical Physics at the Universitat de Valencia. His highly regarded work covers many aspects of gravitation with a focus on black holes and modified gravity theories. He is the current Vicepresident of the Sociedad Española de Gravitación y Relatividad, and the science communication manager to CANTATA.