G-Ambassadors is a documentary with 4K broadcast quality of more than an hour in duration that gathers the testimonies of relevant contemporary gravitational physicists and with a referential significance in itself. Two additional pieces have been made (a short one and an intermediate one) to serve as materials to stimulate STEM vocations, and they are the result of the stages of fractional financing given the initial uncertainty of securing the funds to have a resulting long final piece.

The piece presents close and sincere first-person testimonials structured on the basis of disclosure and stimulation of vocation and scientific knowledge. In a single documentary we can get closer to the different ways of seeing physics through the reality of very heterogeneous profiles, of age, ethnicity or gender, a complex proposal for the variety only possible through the audiovisual. An across the globe assembly of top-level professional physicists, including some “rockstars” such as Jocelyn Bell-Burnell, Heino Falcke, Gabriela González, or Abhay Ashtekar and the participation of most reputed institutions (Oxford, Cambridge, Penn State, …)

We think that it is a unique document that provides great value for the figure of its protagonists nowadays and it will be of great importance in the future. We actually wish there was something similar with previous references and that this will inspire the future equivalent initiatives portraying generations to come.